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The Lucky One

Rebecca J
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12 Jul 2014


Today has been gooood!
Any Taylor Swift fans will recognise the title of this post as a song from her most recently released album ‘Red’ and the reason I chose it relates to my latest news and The Swift herself.
This morning after a tense wait and frantic refreshing of internet pages I got one step closer to achieving one of my dreams:

We bagged two tickets to one of her London shows so I am considering myself the lucky one today- hence the blog being so titled.

If you know me well enough you know that I am a BIIIIG Swiftie. Her curly blonde locks are my ultimate dream hair and she is who I say my role model is when asked. I admire how she doesn’t go out and party hard- her idea of a fun night would be a night in a woolly jumper decorating cupcakes with her cat Meredith. She’s never plastered over the tabloids for behaving badly, unlike other celebrity disasters we could mention (cough MILEY CYRUS cough). I love the country/ Nashville links and that she stays true to her roots despite branching out across the world. Other reasons include she is a Christian, her songs are SO RELATABLE... I could go on forever. You can see why I am SOOOOOOOO HAPPY that I got these tickets!

This made my day, my mum is the best ever :P
The concert is next February so I am fairly sure I will be in ‘maintenance’ phase which is mostly out patient treatment- and though a crowded arena full of bacteria ridden people may not be the safest place for me I WILL GO IF IT KILLS ME! I will even sacrifice my dignity and wear a surgical mask if the doctors ask.
Bye bye from a very happy Becca!

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