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More tests and news..

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05 Jun 2015

The next few months passed is a bit of a blur – around Oct St.John was called back into hospital to have his bloods taken and xrays done, to make sure the cancer had gone – thankfully it had and no radiotherapy was needed – however the thing we (probably me more so) had tried not to think about was - could we have children?? At the time it was the least of my worries – I just wanted St.John better – kids was something in the future. But, now we were married – I was 28 and I suppose something I hoped we could have. We were referred – or rather St.John was, to James Cook to provide a sample and wait for the outcome – but to not try for children as the chemo could still be in his system – hey ho! On the plus side St.John’s parents have a timeshare in Gran Canaria and they had kindly lent it to us for a belated honeymoon over Christmas – something to look forward to at least!




This is something I still worry about ahead of my marriage. I had my treatment more than 10 years ago now but I do wonder whether the chemo and radiotherapy may have taken their toll...

Reading your blog it sounds like you had such a positive and healthy attitude towards everything. Thank you so much for sharing.


Hi Andy _ it feels odd writing about it - at the time I felt it wasn't really a choice - I wanted to marry St.John spend the rest (hopefully) of ours lives together - when I think about it now I often wonder how I was so calm - St.Johns attitude rubbed off on me I think