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My First Training Ride

Gareth H
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15 May 2014

Blogging about my training for the Bikeathon to raise money for Leukamia and Lymphoma Research, please share or make a donation to this great cause

Starting a blog to document my training for the Bikeathon 100 mile ride on August 31st. I'll update my blog after every ride  and share it  via Twitter and Facebook, hope you like it.

Route: Tooting Blood Centre To Surbiton Sainsburys
Distance: 23.1 Miles
Time: 1:25
Avg Speed: 16.4mph
Max Speed: 31.3mph
Weather: Pleasant, bit of sun, not much wind, and not too hot
Notable Hills: Usual suspects in Richmond Park, and the climb up to Wimbledon Village
Bike: Ribble
Ride Drinks: Water
Stops: None
Pre Ride Food: Paste, Red Pesto, Olives and Tomatos
Post Ride Food: Cod In Parsley Sauce, Rice
“Recovery” Drink: Chocolate Milk

The first training ride was really hurty and felt slow, it wasn't too slow as its a similar speed to what I used to cycle to work in Watford. But I was overtaken by much faster rides on every little slope in Richmond Park. More hill climbing practice is definately required and perhaps not trying to climb like Maggie Backsted (the big mans climbing guru) , bit more spinning and less power me thinks.



Thanks so much for sharing your training ride, Gareth. I will follow this with interest as I'm in need of some good routes to start my training. Did you manage the hills in Richmond Park? They're hard enough to run up! 


Hi Andy

Thanks for your commenst

I grew up near Richmond Park so I've ridden the hills many times, they just seemed extra steep yesterday so I think it was just my legs playing up. 

The link to the map for my ride is below

Next ride is to Windsor and back so no hills to worry about.


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