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My Inaugural Training Ride with Doris

Becky Brown
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26 Dec 2014

So it is Christmas Eve and I finally head out on my new old bike (eBay did me proud). And I find out a few things:

1. Road bikes are wierd.

Now I have what I would call a typical London bike, second hand, weighs a ton, started off life as one thing but has since morphed into an odd hybrid with over the years the changing of the tyres, the brakes, the addition of a panier rack and rear mud guard adapted to fit as they were free etc. etc. Put it this way I am not too worried about it being stolen. Now my new road bike is an intimidating (to me) bit of kit. I have had to call it Doris to make it less scary. So what I learnt about Doris was her saddle was in the wrong place, I may need to label the gears as I kept grinding to a halt by going the wrong way uphill and going downhill it would be possible to break the speed limit if I wasn't such a coward. Oh and the first time I stood on the pedals I nearly ended up in the hedge. And what is with that steering? In short she is going to take some getting used too!

2. Dorset lanes are indeed 60% mud.

3. Cycling just for fun (as oppose to trying to get from A to B as fast as possible as you are late for work) is great! I had forgotten that.

4. I am VERY unfit. Apparently even Badgers are more spry than me. They come with their own warning signs.

Will keep you posted with improvement hopefully! 



Hi Becky,

Thanks so much for the training update. I did the bikeathon last year and decided to take the plunge and by an actual road bike and found it equally difficult to get to grips with at first and hated the cages so much that I actually took them off to begin with.

However, you will get used to it and you'll be able to cycle much faster and easier as a result in the long run. You've left yourself plenty of time to get yourself fit in time for September so don't worry. Keep us updated and thanks so much for signing up for this year's London to Paris which truly is a fantastic trip.


Thanks for the moral support Andy! Going on a sky ride social this weekend so if I go splat in traffic there people to pick me up. Good to know it gets better.