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My leukemic observations

Lucy Hart
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Lucy Hart
27 Nov 2015

It’s nearly two years since my diagnosis. What a journey! Until that point I had never given a thought to blood cancer, or bone marrow transplants. Why would I?? The closest I got was watching a TV drama called ‘Undeniable’, and thinking how amazing… a bone marrow transplant changes your blood group to the same type as the donor’s. Little did I know!!

It all started with a routine blood test for something totally unrelated showed up a low white blood cell count. After a few further tests my consultant thought it was Hairy Cell Leukaemia, mildly troubling but it could be managed. Soon after that, a bone marrow biopsy showed Myloedysplasia for which the treatment could have been watch and wait, or a bone marrow transplant. Because of the low white blood cell count they decided that a bone marrow transplant would be the way to go.

So – more tests, and they roped in my sister Jane to be checked for a match. By this time my leukemic cells were up to 30% which was a shocker – and they now declared I have Acute Myeloid Leukaemia!! Unbelievable, it’s a rare disease, only about 2,000 people a year are diagnosed with it in the UK and most of them are over 65. Had to be me didn’t it!!

Jane turned out to be a brilliant 100% match, which was a miracle as there was only a 1 in 4 chance of that, and the decision to go with the bone marrow transplant was spot on as now there was no real choice. It was at this point that I started my blog, Lucy's leukaemia observations, to provide a little overview of what’s happening, when and where, and how was feeling. Here's a photo of me with Jane as she prepared to donate her stem cells:

There were a lot ups and downs along the way but I'm now in a position where fine tuning is taking place fine tuning as I continue on my road to recovery. 

I still have to go for regular check ups, and I still have to be careful about some things I took for granted before all this. But when I remember Dr Sarah Janes telling me, “You need a bone marrow transplant, and without it you will probably ony have three years left”. Wow – that stopped me in my tracks.

However I am back to work, I feel a lot better, and I sort of want to move on and put my experience behind me!

That said – I love the fact that this blog has helped, and is still helping, people going through the same journey. And this is what I want to do now – try, where I can to help make a little difference to other sufferers and their fight. Please feel free to send me a message, or ask any relevant questions. But for now I am going to be quiet, unless – of course – there is anything specific to say.

Read Lucy's amazing blog 'Lucy's leukemic observations' to find out more about her amazing journey through treatment and a bone marrow transplant.




I just wanted to say how happy I am for you as you continue your road to recovery and I am so glad that you're now in a position where you feel that you can move on from blogging about your experiences.

At the same time I want to thank you for your blog which is absolutely brilliant and reminded me so much of some of my own experiences of transplant. That was 11 years ago now and I'm still here to tell the tale!

Wishing you all the best going forwards and thanks so much for everything that you do to beat blood cancer.


Hi Lucy,

I am so pleased to hear that you have made a full recovery from AML. I thought you might be interested in a campaign that I launched last week to raise funds for my nephew Radley (who is still fighting AML) and also for Bloodwise. I have written the song 'Inspiration' as a tribute to him and all children fighting this dreadful disease. You can listen to the song and view the video at and find out about our campaign on .

Fighting Leukaemia: "Inspiration" - Performed by…


hi Lucy, How wonderful to see you have beaten AML, my son was diagnosed with it at the age of 40 two years ago, like you his sister is his match if he ever needs a transplant. He also spent many many weeks on C6 and is seeing Debbie Richardson on Tuesday 8th December for what she hopes will be his last visit. I wish you all the best for your continued recovery, onwards and upwards. Lynn x

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