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My London Bikeathon 100 by Lee Bedingfield - the emotion outweighs the pain

Daren W
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01 Sep 2014

Here's a heartfelt view from our team mechanic

The emotion outweighs the pain.

The LLR Bikeathon was an event I missed last year due to a snapped patella tendon shortly after the 2013 L2P.
So this year I couldn't wait to take part knowing how well an LLR event is run.

As Daren as said we decided to stay the night before near the start line to give as that much needed lay in.
As we headed towards the hotel on Saturday evening and had to take a detour due to traffic we found ourselves heading on the A40 Euston road out of London, as we neared the flyover near Edgware road, I decided to tell both Daren and Paul how this section of road reminded me how this journey all begun, explaining how one Friday afternoon in June 2002 I sat on the window seal of the intensive care unit of St Mary's hospital Paddington watching the traffic on this flyover, after watching England get knocked out of the World Cup by Brazil that morning, and that afternoon being told that my 9 month old daughter had Leukaemia.
This section of road I've travelled many times since always takes me straight back to that day and how this journey begun and what seemed like hours staring at the flyover.

The next morning the feelings took me back a year and the feelings I had starting the L2P with James Burns, Trevor Jackson, Keiran Adkins, excitement and nerves all mixed up, I wanna do it? Can I do it?.
We all set off and the feeling was good to be riding with the people I had completed the L2P with and friends of LLR team Essex enjoying the same rush.
But for me still not fully fit due to my injury and nowhere near enough time training, I slipped into my quiet mode, thoughts of why I was here, how I came to be involved, and what I saw for many months all those years ago, my daughters and others pain was far worse than mine, their hills more steep than any I would climb, their journey a lot longer than this ride, and still, they always smiled and never complained, also that another member of the family has been diagnosed with Lymphoma at a young age kept me pedalling.
With a couple of dramas and adding more miles to my ride giving me a total of 107, all these thoughts drove me on to the finish.
God bless all the riders that took part, and I know there were a lot that were feeling the same emotions as me, and they still pedalled and reached their goal, the finish.
But more so, god bless Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research and it's supporters, everyday that someone is diagnosed with one of these terrible conditions,  another is in remission because of you, just like my daughter, God bless you all

I wanted to do it, and I did!!