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My Motivation

Kim S
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27 Jun 2014

I have decided to take part in the London Bikeathon as very recently my family has been affected by cancer...Not blood cancer but cancer.It has been a heartbreaking time and i feel i should do something to help... 

I have asked a very good friend of mine Emma G to do it with me as she is super fit and i know will give me the motivation to get to that finish line..

Today i cycled 8.5 miles and enjoyed every moment of it....when my legs were saying give up i though of all the people that are in 100 times as much pain as i was emotionally and physically  and continued.

Thank you for all your support

Kim x




Welcome to the team Kim! I hope the training is going well and wish you all the best with the fundraising. You mention in the blog that a family member of yours has been affected by cancer, if there's any info or help that you'd need, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us as that's what we're here for!

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