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12 Jul 2014

I thought it was a routine scan, I thought it would show up as a hernia, he is only 24 years old, Why i ask myself??

He should not have this?!

The doctors missed in a few months ago when he was rushed into hospital with chest pain. The GP didnt bother sending him for tests when he went because he was sweating loads.

The NHS have failed him.

Monday is a MRS scan, he went to the GP with back pain for weeks still nothing investiated.

We are all so shocked and angry.

My world is falling apart.

From a very worried aunty...



Hi Yvonne,

So sorry to hear about your nephew's recent diagnosis with lymphoma. This has understandably come as a great shock to you and the rest of the family and it's totally understandable that you're feeling the way that you're feeling at the moment - it's a very common reaction expressed by many patients and I can relate to a lot of it myself as I, too, felt why me when I was diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of 18.

The important thing to appreciate is that treatment for lymphoma has improved dramatically in recent years as has the level of support and information to help you through it all. We've got lots of information on lymphoma available on the website, including downloadable pamphlets as well as a number of blogs written by others that have been affected by blood cancer which may be of interest to you and your nephew. Here's the link if you want to take a look:


I hope this information helps, in the meantime do update us on your nephew's progress and any thoughts and feelings you want to share via your blog. Wishing you and your nephew all the best,



My husband was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma in April 2012 and the outlook was very poor. He was 50 years old. He had chemotherapy and managed to get into remission. He had a donor stem cell transplant in December 2012 and is still with us and doing well. It was an awful and very frightening time but the advice that helped was 'don't look things up on the internet' and 'only listen to his doctors'. Many people want to help and give advice but every situation is different and only his medical team will know his situation. A lot of what we read on the internet can be terribly frightening which is not helpful. I was also informed that very much progress has been made in the treatment of Lymphoma's and this is true.

Despite a rocky start, now that you nephew has been diagnosed, he will certainly get the best treatment. Have faith, he is young and can fight this.

Our thoughts are with him, you and the family.


Sorry to hear about your nephew's diagnosis of Lymphoma, you don't say which Lymphoma though, unless I missed something,

I've had Hodgkins Lymphoma 3 times in the last 8 years, relapsing twice, lots & lots of chemotherapy , two bone marrow transplants, & some radiotherapy,

I'm back fitter than I have ever been, just done 40 miles on my bike for Barnardo's, & through the Welsh Blood Service formed a choir called 2nd chance choir, to launch Bone Marrow Awareness,

So your nephew will have some unpleasant treatment, but will be back strong & getting on with his life, like myself he will get wonderful treatment & care,

Good luck, & wish I had an aunty like yourself,



Thank you Beverley,


We see the haematolist tomorrow, very nervous to tell you the truth, My dear Nephew is keeping his spirits up, as much as he can anyways, I come away and cry, as I can see him very short of breath and he sweats buckets...


I will keep you infomred... Thank you



Hi Yvonne,

I'm 24 and was diagnosed with 4B hodgkin's lymphoma a few months ago, and have been having escalated beacopp to treat it. It took them 3 months to diagnose mine so I know the pain of the slow NHS times, but once it was diagnosed I started treatment the week after they'd staged it, so I hope they get sorted and treatment started soon!

I hope they've caught it at a good stage. Please try keep high hopes for the future with it though, the treatments are great and highly effective, even as late stage as mine. Frame of mind and great support from friends and family will make all the difference as well once the balls rolling with treatment :).

Trust me when I say being young has been a huge help in fighting it and coping with treatment, I'm 3 cycles in and have only had minor side effects that last a few days at most and if I hadn't gone bald no one would even know I was ill.

As Andy says there's some great information on this site, I've found it invaluable myself in finding out more information. So I hope you pass the details of this onto your nephew as well.

I'll be putting up a blog with some details of my experiences in the near future, so if he is diagnosed with anything similar to me, I hope he checks back gives it a read if it'll help.

Best wishes and luck to him, you and your family at this tough time.



Hello Yvonne,

What a lovely Aunty you are to be so worried about your Nephew. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma after just over a year and many incorrect diagnosis'. When you have the correct diagnosis is seems unbelievable that it was missed but the symptoms can be so vague. I had a persistent cough (they thought it was TB), I was really itchy (that was an allergy - but which one?). I was sweating like a pig at night (was it an early menopause - I was 40?) my lymph nodes made me look like a Russian shot putter (that was just because I was overweight!). Blood results kept coming back 'with something going on' but it wasn't until I sobbed uncontrollably in the doctors that we started moving in the right direction. Even after a biopsy I was told I had non Hodgkin's but it turned out to be Hodgkin's BUT once my treatment started I saw what the NHS was all about. My treatment was outstanding, 4 years on I'm all clear and I can't fault the care that I received. Stand next to your Nephew and his parents - it's a bumpy road but trust his consultants and hopefully in 6 months time (at the conclusion of his treatment) you'll all be feeling happier. Sending you all best wishes. I hope this has helped you a little.

Jenny Nicholls


Hi Laurence,

Thank you for your kind post and Im so happy to hear of your recovery and your charity involvement. Well done.

We have the Biopsy tomorrow to identify which Lymphoma it is, He does have wide spread malignancy, im so worried about him Laurence...


We see the consultant on the 4th August to discuss the outcome and treatment plan...


Thank you again..




I've read your post. I understand what you are going through. My son was diagnosed with lymphoma, here is our story. My very best wishes. Chin up



Yvonne I was diagnosed with anaplastic T cell lymphoma last year,as the doctor said I had no long term future without treatment,I had a bad back which I had been taken to a and e 2 weeks before and was sent home with painkillers,2 weeks later I was led in a hospital bed on total bed rest because I couldn't even put my own socks on,I have undergone chemo and had a stem cell transplant exactly 1 yr today (18/07/14) I got a little angry but what's the point, your nephew needs all your anger to be channelled to him to help him through a long and tough journey,mistakes happen,I am testament to this but now the main thing is that they know what is wrong and can treat accordingly,i was told it's usually an older persons disease but it can happen to younger people,when diagnosed I was 40with a 12 year old son,tomorrow is my 42nd birthday,I was one of the unfortunate ones that developed it,but I was determined it wasn't going to beat me and upto now it hasn't.Keep strong and supportive because that's what he needs right,take care


Hi Nick,


Thank you for the lovely message, it was so comforting, I called my nephew and read it to him over the telephone, it cheered him up.

today we went for his Biopsy, we go back to the haematoligist 4th August, for the results.I am looking forward to reading your blog.

I borrowed a cooler for my nephew it is great, it blows icey cold air in the room and he loves it. His back has been painful, the chiar he had was hurtinghis back, a freind of mine gave me the old chiar she had, it was like a big sofa chiar with good back support for him, it was delivered today, he is sat on it as we speak now :).


I am thankful for so many things right now and the importance of speaking to like minded folks on here, really helps and gives us hope.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart


Yvonne. xx


Dear Jenny,


Thank you for your message, it was very encouraging, You have been through it havent you...

My lovely nephew has had so many scans and investigations so quickely, I think the NHS are remarkable, for all the BAD Press they recieve, I can say, the NHS have acted swiftley and been so kind to Kevin and professional, They are outstanding.

Aintree NHS Trust I applaud you.


Jenny, Kevin doesnt have a mum, a dad he seldom sees, but for the first time in years, his dad is visiting Sunday,

Kev does have a sister, she is close to kev and loves him so much.


Thank you again for your supporting message.

God Bless



`Hi Duncan,

Thank you for writing me.

You have had a journey too... HAppy Birthday for tomorrow by the way. You and your son have a lovely celerbration.
My Nephews back is very painful you know, today, he went for a Biopsy to determine which type it is..
He has suffered for a few months with his back now and takes pain killers. tramadol. 4 times a day, they take the edge off the pain,

We are going to the G=Mex tomorrow in Liverpool One to watch a film for a celerbration for a family members birthday, We are looking forward to that,

Once again Duncan,
Thank you for support, itmakes a difference on here, just to talk to folks who have gone through or are going through the same thing



Hi everyone,
Apologies for gate crashing your blog but I'm a 42 year old fit and active male that has had Ulcerative Colitis for last 10 years which has been in remission for nearly all but the last 8 months. During this flare up I have had a very dull and annoying ache down my right side and groin but has sometimes been so severe that its taken me an age to sit up right in a morning. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago my GP sent me for bloods after finding my glands in my groin were swollen. I had a follow up last week and my results were all ok (including UC/ Crohns indicators :) ) apart from my full bloods that showed low white cell count and low something else which I cant remember. He checked me again and my left side glands have swollen as well as my neck glands (which does feel tight at the moment but not painful) so he said he'd refer me to see a haematologist which would probably be 3-4 weeks. I got a call the next day asking me to go in next week- 7 days after my last GP appointment. I'm aware there are lots of things it could be and I never usually self diagnose on the internet but this has me worried. Particularly with UC sufferers having a higher risk of contracting lymphomas and a lot of the symptoms I've had on and off the last few months are lymphoma watchouts. Anyway, I don't have a particular question I just don't want to worry my nearest and dearest with my thoughts at the moment so needed and outlet.

Best wishes all, SD

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