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Never one to rush anything, the Bellehewe blog on the 100

Daren W
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11 Sep 2014

They say he might as well face the truth, that he is just too long in the tooth....

So, the London Bikeathon, 100 odd miles around the unforgiving Surrey Hills. So many questions were going through my mind – Would I wake up at the correct ungodly hour? Would I have to smile at anyone? Would this blog be worth waiting for? Would my bum look big in lycra?
The journey began, as most do, with a swimming party. A breath of fresh air and an isotonic McDonalds assisted the bout of Facebook fun had at the expense of a naïve relative (note – enable passwords!!). The drive to Twickers, Rugby’s Mecca, was as entertaining as it was thought provoking. Drinking in the many, varied sights of London was put into context by hearing Lee’s account of Jade’s diagnosis 12 years ago.
After circling the imposing stadium looking for the car park (could that sign have been any smaller?), we disembarked the equipment and tucked in to a burger before watching Match of the Day and having a giggle at West Ham’s expense!
I arose at the required pre-dawn time and was met by some other lycra-clad zombies for the drive to the start line, via Maccy D’s (of course). There, after the obligatory selfie or 7 from Mason, we set of on the epic road trip we had signed up for.
The first gear change resulted in a derailment, a sure sign that this kind of thing should not be attempted again and necessitating a quick stop. This did not affect me, however, as I just picked another gear and continued! My first fall from the bike (cheers Burnsy!) preceded the assent of Box Hill, with a refuel in the wrong place and a quick snapping of the scenery, we set of on the second stage of the nightmare. As the team fragmented, I was left with Daren and Dave and we rolled along without a care in the world, ignoring the odd bout of crippling cramp!
Many a hard mile later, we all regrouped at a petrol station, where the diligent counter assistant couldn’t help but ask the age old question ‘Any fuel?’ Yes love, it’s in my back pocket!! One more killer climb awaited, and with a brief stop in the middle, I pedalled my way up it’s entirety (proud moment right there!!)
The final coast home was more eventful than expected, with punctures, opening saddle bags and ill-advised detours down cycle lanes! Only one question remained unanswered – Would I make it to the finish? The answer? Does anyone battling these diseases give up? No! I would not either, and so as I rolled over the line, I felt I had achieved something, a small something, in pursuit of a much larger, hugely important goal.


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