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Newly Diagnosed With a Blood Cancer

Ann W
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13 Nov 2012

We've just launched a brand new patient information booklet for people who have been recently diagnosed with a blood cancer or related condition.

In our new booklet we provide many of the answers to questions that may arise when someone has just been given a diagnosis, to help them to cope and understand their condition. We also include details of other organisations to contact for further help or information.

We spoke to many patients and their families and health professionals to find out what information would be most helpful. They told us that a booklet which takes them through the initial stages after being given a diagnosis would be useful.

Receiving feedback on our publications is invaluable and helps us to create better resources for people who have been affected by blood cancers. If you would like to be involved in reviewing and commenting on our publications please contact our Patient Information team at

To download or order copies of 'Newly Diagnosed with a Blood Cancer' or any of our other patient information booklets please visit:

Ann Woodham - Patient Information & Support Manager

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