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Not again

Gemma J
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02 Aug 2014

Well it's come back. What do I say??? Not a lot I can say hey!!! I'm to go back to hospital mon, re start chemo, prob have radio and I now need a stem cell transplant. All a great big shock again. Will keep u posted. Xxxx


Ellie Dawes

We're so sorry to hear that Gemma, we were thrilled to hear about your hair returning and you feeling so much fitter. We're sure you will be resonding to the news with courage and spirit, and hope your treatment goes smoothly and you can start getting back to normal again as soon as possible.

If there is any support you feel we can offer from the charity please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Sending love and strength to you and your family from everyone here at LLR.




Absolutely gutted to hear that the dreaded AML has come back and that you'll have to undergo more treatment. I can't imagine how it must feel to be told it's come back but I do know from your previous blogs that you are an incredibly positive person and that you will tackle this with the same courage and determination that saw you kick the leukaemia's butt the first time! Hold on to that as you begin your treatment and you'll be back taking your son swimming again in no time!

As Ellie says, we're all right behind you at the charity and if there's anything we can do to help all you have to do is ask.

Stay in touch and all the best as you begin treatment - we're all thinking of you!


Thanx a lot. I won't be beaten that's for sure. Xxx


Gemma - I was reading through people's stories, having found this website on Facebook. My little 4 year old girl was diagnosed with ALL on July 3rd (that's why I was reading). I know you'll get this thing beat, and we'll be praying for the same over here in Texas, U.S.


Hi Gemma, my AML came back too. just found out on July 11, on my fiancee's birthday. Thought I was in the clear, after doing a stem cell transplant in November. Sigh. I know how you are feeling.

Stay strong, keep fighting and I promise to do the same too. xoxo from a fellow AML relapser in Canada.


You can do it! x

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