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Only 6 weeks to go....

Paul S
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14 Jul 2014

So it's only 6 weeks (ish) to go until we do the big ride.  My training plan is erratic to say the least due to the minor inconvenience of having to go to work!  Still, I've been up most of the major hills and can conclude that there is no shame in walking if necessary. 

The good news is that Box Hill is not as scary as I first thought - long but not steep and a cracking view from the top.   The bad news is that White Down and Leith Hill are bigger, steeper and likely to be on the route ... darn it!

More updates to follow......



Hi Paul,

I can symphathise completely with the erratic nature of the training - I'm struggling for similar reasons!!! Fortunately I'm not doing the 100 though - a bit too much for me this year - but one to consider for next year if I make it through the 52 this year. Leith Hill is a killer - I saw that from the safety of the van delivering supplies to the water station last year and it looked tough! 

Good luck with the rest of your training and thanks so much for all your support.



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