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Other ideas

Dan Henchman
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28 Jun 2013

Baked-bean bath
You can either charge people to take a bath in baked beans, or ask people to be sponsored for taking a dip in the bean bath

Approach your local supermarket to ask if you can pack bags in store, with customers making a donation for your bag packing services

Car wash
Get your sponges at the ready, and charge car owners a donation to clean their cars

Learn to...
You can learn a new skill and be sponsored for the challenge

Record breaking event
Would you like to hold a Guinness World Record? Then you could be sponsored for the challenge!

Sponsored silence
Could you stay silent for 24 hours? Be sponsored for the challenge!

Teddy’s Travels
People can make a donation to take ‘Teddy’ on their holidays – build up a photo gallery of all the countries that Teddy has been to on his travels!

Get sponsored to shave your legs or chest!