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Thomas Preston
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Thomas Preston
07 Apr 2010

Life is a gift. Use it wisely and live it fiercely.

Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research was founded in 1960 following the death of a little girl, Susan Eastwood, aged six, from leukaemia. Her parents were determined to make something positive come from their personal tragedy and started fundraising for research that would hopefully find a cure for leukaemia.

Back then, chances of survival were slim. Doctors knew next to nothing about blood cancer or how to treat it, and support for patients and their loved ones was almost non-existent.

Fast forward more than 50 years and we now see blood cancers almost as individual to each patient. Treatments, while still harsher than we’d like, are more personalised, and many wonder-drugs allow patients to get on with living their lives while being treated. Health professionals and patient groups work to support people with blood cancer throughout their treatment and beyond.

We have even bigger ambitions for the future. We want to get to a place where 100% survival is a reality, where we’ve discovered ways we can prevent blood cancer, and where people affected can live their lives to the full.

We’re here to beat blood cancer, so please get involved and be a part of our story.

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