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Our strategic plan

Dan Henchman
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20 Nov 2014

Strategic Priorities

  • Optimising patient impact
  • A step change in income
  • Creating partnerships
  • Increasing reach, reputation and brand
  • Strengthening the organisation

Prioritisation of Patient Need

Our landmark Prioritisation of Patient Need project aims to combine the wisdom of patients and their families, clinicians, nurses, researchers and others, along with the most comprehensive blood cancer data in the UK – to help us make decisions and allocate resources in ways most likely have the best possible impact for patients.

We’re interrogating data, listening to patients and healthcare professionals, mapping which services currently exist, and prioritising our findings to make sure we develop our patient benefit strategies with patient needs at the heart.


Overall cancer survival in the UK has doubled in the last 40 years – a major achievement that wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the pioneering work of blood cancer research.

Our research into blood cancers has deepened our understanding and allowed the development of targeted therapies to control or cure blood cancers. This has improved not only survival rates but also the quality of life that blood cancer patients have during and after their treatment.

It’s important that our research translates to patient benefit. Our Trials Acceleration Programme, alongside trial designs like ‘Pick a Winner’ and our move towards first-in-human trials mean that we’re getting the best new treatments to more patients as quickly as possible.

The need for research has changed dramatically in some areas and less so in others. Our decision to fund the Haematological Malignancy Research Network (HMRN) means we’re in an unprecedented place to understand how the different blood cancer groups vary.

Patient Services

We know that a diagnosis of blood cancer can leave individuals and families feeling frightened, anxious and alone. Our direct services aim to help patients feel they have more control over their cancer journey, feel empowered to ask questions and seek out support, and feel less alone and more able to live their life.

It’s important that patients can find us quickly and easily in the best way for them: whether that be online, through social media, print, email, on the phone or in person. Our direct patient services offer emotional and psychological support, information about living with cancer and the disease itself, detailed treatment guidance, and clinical trials.

Our newly launched Online Patient Support service is bringing together people affected by blood cancer, with the ambition of developing a thriving, active blood cancer community. The service offers a safe space for anyone affected by blood cancer to find information, share knowledge, insights and experiences, and connect with others. As a community, our members have a collective voice that we can use to gauge patient concerns and help influence public policy.

Over time, informed by the Prioritisation of Patient Need project, we will be developing new digital services to help make patients’ lives better. We are working on symptom-control apps, medicine compliance apps as well as well-being programmes.

Policy & Public Affairs

Alongside our world leading research and our growing patient services, introducing a Policy & Public Affairs team is central to realising our vision of beating blood cancer. By becoming a recognised and authoritative voice on blood cancer research, we can work in partnership with decision makers to improve patients’ lives.

We’re working to build relationships with key decision makers, and to be recognised for our heritage, expertise and knowledge in blood cancer and the wider research community.

With a more prominent profile, we can deliver changes in policy to help blood cancer patients – calling on government and the NHS to improve services as set out by patients in the Prioritisation of Patient Need project, and working alongside government to make sure these changes happen.

In the past year we’ve invested nearly £1 million in policy and public affairs and patient services, to enhance public understanding of blood cancers and empower patients to be involved in their own treatment decisions.