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Patient & Carer Naming Review Steering Group - 2nd Workshop

rich Castle
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26 Sep 2014

Well, today I spent the afternoon at LLR hq munching sweets and biscuits whilst actively participating in the above named group discussion. The programme is essentially reviewing all things around Leukaemia and Lymphoma researches' name, brand and communications.

It's so great to be invited to play an active part in this review with others. It was also fantastic to see Lauren Dias (I remembered your name this time lol-sorry for nicking your chocolate ecláir though-I'll buy you a box to make up for it), the legendary and very inspirational Andy Jackson whom is a fellow blood cancer survivour, Izorini,another blood cancer survivour who had the same leukaemia as me {APL} from the creative (mad dept in the corner) also Ben Sykes, Justin, Tom the cameraman, and the ever so lovely Helen Marsden  and others whom I popped upstairs to see. 

A great and very productive day.

A quick glass of vino to wind down, then bedtime.





Great to see you Rich, up in our mad department!


My pleasure Helen. Look forward to seeing you guys again soon.


Kind of suits me Helen to be in a mad dept lol. I'm used to it as I work with a bunch of guys who are a bit nuts anyway. 

I'm sure I'll be back again to see you all. I'm at the connect southeast event, tea in the Lancaster and the xmas carols with the stars thingy.

Hope your weekend was fab.