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Patient diaries relaunched for World Blood Cancer Day 2016

Katie Leason
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26 May 2016

Bloodwise relaunches its patient diaries to mark World Blood Cancer Day on Saturday 28 May. 

The diaries have been designed to offer a reflective space for blood cancer patients to think about and record their thoughts and feelings. They provide pages for patients to note down new symptoms or treatment side effects, and can be kept as a private tool or used as a reference aid when talking to health professionals.

A glossary explaining key blood cancer terms can be found at the beginning of the diary, and there is a useful list of questions for patients to ask their treatment team at the back. Comments from blood cancer patients are scattered throughout the book, offering tips and supportive suggestions.

Reta Brownlow, Head of Patient Experience at the specialist blood cancer charity Bloodwise, says: “Being diagnosed with a blood cancer can be overwhelming for patients and their families, and we are here to provide support every step of the way. Our research shows that many blood cancer patients would like more emotional and psychological support, and we hope that these diaries will be useful.”

Andie Guy, a blood cancer clinical nurse specialist at Barts Hospital, and a member of the Bloodwise Nursing Advisory Panel, adds: “While clinical nurse specialists and psychological therapies provide much support, it is important that we empower patients by helping them to engage in self-directed ways of coping. Having a space to record and reflect on all aspects of their experience, including psychological wellbeing as well as physical symptoms and treatment side effects will be helpful and cathartic for many of my patients and might also help in conversations with health professionals.”

To order copies of the diary please email support@bloodwise.org.uk

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