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Pedal power!

Andy J
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01 Sep 2014

52 miles, one puncture, two wrong turns and almost 5 hours in the saddle totally worth it as another challenge bites the dust

Well it wasn't fast and it wasn't the most graceful - Wiggins won't exactly be quaking in his boots - but yesterday I got round the London Bikeathon in one piece to complete my latest 30 before 30 challenge.

Prior to the ride I was extremely nervous. I'd done hardly any training in the build up and in truth I really wasn't sure my lungs would be up to the task. However all my anxiety lifted when I arrived in Coram's Fields for the start of the ride. Seeing all the riders decked out in their red cycling beat blood cancer t-shirts preparing to push themselves to their phsyical limits in a bid to help give blood cancer patients like me, really, really inspired me and made me realise just how luck I am to still be here. It brought back in to perspective the reason that I'm doing all these crazy challenges in the first place and that's to give others the same second chance at life that I've been given.

Inspired, I set off in high spirits accompanied by my Dad who has been with me every step of the way through all the good times and the bad. It was an absolute pleasure to ride alongside him and we thoroughly enjoyed the ride from start to finish despite going the wrong way on a couple of occasions. I particularly enjoyed the stretch alongside the Thames up by Greenwich and Canary Wharf and was pleasantly surprised by the lack of traffic on the roads.

The support staff and army of volunteers were also terrific - especially those at the first water station who were on hand with all range of sweeties and snacks to give us a lift when energy levels began to wane a little. Thank you so much for giving up your Sundays to help make the day so enjoyable for all us riders!

The only downside to the day for us personally was Dad splitting his inner tube just a mile and a half from home after going over a pot hole, preventing him from being able to cycle over the line with me at the same time. This took a little gloss off the immediate celebrations but didn't diminish what for me is a really, really significant achievement which I feel more and more proud about the more that time passes.

I showed my lungs who was boss and it has given me a new wave of optimism for Run to the Beat and beyond. While I may not be able to run the length of the country any more or play sports like football in the way that I would like, the Bikeathon has shown that the pulmonary fibrosis cannot and WILL not prevent me from doing challenges and raising money for this brilliant charity that has done so much to help me and thousands of other blood cancer patients.

That's now TEN of my 30 before 30 challenges completed. Sadly, I'm not going to get them all done before October but that won't stop me from trying and I will not stop until I've ticked them all off the list. Help me reach my £30,000 fundraising target by making a donation to my 30 before 30 challenge fundraising page.


Abbi D

Amazing job Andy!! You definitely are showing your lungs who's boss!! x


Well done, Andy, shame you had to finish without your Dad.

I'm slightly worried that you must have eaten an awful lot of cakes at the first water station, as there were only bananas & Haribo left by the time us 26 milers got there!

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