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Ellie Dawes

Peter Stanford: London Bikeathon rider

Ellie Dawes
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Ellie Dawes
17 Apr 2013

If you're thinking of signing up for London Bikeathon, there are many reasons to feel proud to be a part of this prestigious event.

You'll be part of our unstoppable team, an eclectic mix of ex-patients, supporters, and keen cyclists, all of them brilliant and united in one cause. You'll be cycling through some of the most pictureque areas of our capital city taking in views that, depending on your route, could include London Eye, Richmond park, Tower Bridge and St Paul's Cathedral. Epic cyclists taking on the 100 mile route even get the chance to cyle in the tracks of the 2012 Olympians and tackle Box Hill.

Best of all, if you're fundraising, you're helping us beat blood cancer. You're riding so that more blood cancer patients will be able to put on that bikeathon T-Shirt and ride with us in future. This is why many riders sign up to ride the London Bikeathon year after year.

One of our regular riders is Peter Stanford, who you might recognise if you have ever visited Hampton Court Palace as he used to stride around the grounds playing Henry VIII. Peter got in touch via the London Bikeathon Facebook page and shared his photographs with us. Peter said:

"I have been raising money for Leukaemia Research since I was a boy. Rattling tins on flag days, running stalls at jumble sales (remember them?), answering questions at quizzes, buying raffle tickets and many other activies over the years. Unfortunately, I was too young to participate in the famous Leukaemia Research Sponsored Pub Crawls.

The Bikeathon - now the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research London Bikeathon - is suitable for bicyclists of all capabilities. From the whip-thin types who can go up Box Hill and back without breaking sweat, to those who would like to cycle a shorter route.

My body is no longer suited to spectacular acts of athletic prowess, but I still have stamina. I pedal around London in the time it used to take me to go to Brighton, taking in the sights as I go. I usually choose the most scenic route, in prevous years I have cycled from Ham House, through Richmond Park to the Dome and back.

If a fat slob like me can do it, so can you. And if you can't you can always sponsor those of us who do."

Over the years, Peter's London Bikeathon adventures have featured elephants, cheerleaders and even Trevor McDonald and raised over £1000. Cycle down memory lane by taking a peek at these London Bikeathons past:

There are more of Peter's pictures in his London Bikeathon Facebook album. Oh, and if you fancy watching a video of Peter singing "I'm 'Enry the Eighth I am" which I found on YouTube, click here.

Do you have a story to share about taking part in the London Bikeathon? Would you like to write a guest blog for this website? Email me at edawes@beatingbloodcancers.org.uk or get in touch with us via the Bikeathon Facebook page.

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