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Preparation 'P'

Robert  E
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04 Aug 2014

Fail to prepare......

Blood (well, scratch on my shin), sweat and tears this weekend.  Very painful session on Sunday, muscles were burning, chest heaving, gasping for air not to mention the anxiety/ tantrum that followed.  Fortunately none of it because of the actual ride, I got a bloody puncture and had to carry the bike home.

Despite riding into work for a little while now, and thinking about it each time I passed a cycle shop I hadn't prepared for this unhappy little eventuality and had no tools, repait kit or spare inner tube with me (or at home!).  In fact, it had been so long since I'd last even attempted it that I had to look up how to take the wheel off on youtube.

However, I've now (re)learnt how to do this, bought spare innertubes and a small pump and will carry them with me from now on.  I intend taking two spare innertubes with me on the ride in September, so should lightning (or a nail ) strike twice I will be able to repair it and still complete the event - I will earn your sponsor money (HINT, HINT!)

Saying that I managed to put 15 miles in on sunday, plus a total of 48 by riding into work monday through thursday, so am gradually becoming more confident that as far as the 52 miles seems right now, it is something that I will be able to achieve.

Hopefully no more punctures next week, and I will be able to report a much longer ride on sunday morning.  Until then, click the link below!


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