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Radio DJ smashes fundraising target in 24hr Eurovision Marathon

Rachael Davies
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28 Jan 2015

‘Making your mind up’(1)  about how to raise money for charity is not always easy but for radio DJ and Eurovision fan Glen Bartlett it was simple. Going that ‘One step further’(2), Glen decided that he would use his skills as a DJ and his passion for all things Eurovision and host a 24hr Eurovision marathon on Oystermouth Radio all the while raising money to help us beat blood cancer. Setting himself a target of £500 and believing that ‘No dream Impossible’(3)  he went about planning the show and inviting guests to join him on the day. Glen had already exceeded his target even before the show began with people donating ‘Ooh aah, just a little bit’(4)  more and more as the show went on. So far he has raised a fantastic £1654.51 with more donations still to come in. Although Glen is still trying to catch up on his sleep, he is still buzzing from the excitement of smashing the original target without having to ‘Beg, steal or borrow’(5) . I’m sure people will continue to ‘Say wonderful things’(6) about the show for many months to come.

‘Congratulations’(7​)  Glen, what an amazing achievement!


1 Bucks Fizz 1981
2 Bardo 1982
3 Lindsay 2001
4 Gina G 1996
5 The New Seekers 1972
6 Ronnie Carroll 1963
7 Cliff Richard 1968



Brilliant! Well done Glen and well done Rachael for a blog that really made me smile! 


Absolutely phenomenal effort! I'm in awe and still not quite sure how you could fill 24 hours with Eurovision so huge respect to that. I hope Glen liked the jingles?!


He loved them Andy! they were brilliant.