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Recognition due to Dr & Mrs McGregor for 30 years of success

Sophia A
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20 Dec 2013

Some thirty years ago Dr Michael and Mrs. Margaret McGregor held a coffee morning in their home, raising funds for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research in memory of their son John who had, unfortunately, succumbed to the disease.

From little acorns do mighty oaks grow, for this simple coffee morning has, over the years, had to move from their home to the Corn Exchange in Bourne.  It has now developed into the Spalding & Bourne Groups largest, single fund raising event. In a matter of three hours, over £4000 is now consistently raised.  The tremendous support this event receives is largely down to Michael and Margaret.  Michael, until retirement, was a much loved and respected GP with Margaret being heavily involved in community work such as the WRVS and a Commissioner of Guides. Michael and Margaret have, over the thirty years, raised more than £96,000

Work on their Coffee Morning, which is always held on the last Thursday in November, begins a year ahead.  There is an extensive band of knitters, makers of jams and preserves, collectors of books, jewellery, Christmas goods, handicrafts along with toys, games, raffles, tombola.  With an entrance fee of just £1.00, which includes coffee and a mincepie, it is a huge bargain and success.

What an inspiring story and we are forever thankful to our wonderful branches for the amazing work they do in their own local communities.




What a wonderful story, fantastic and inspiring work Michael and Margaret. If we could replicate their success across the country we might put the non-tax paying coffee shops out of business and speed up your hunt for a cure for these terrible diseases. Any takers?

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