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Reflections on surviving cancer

Melody Berthoud
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29 Jan 2017

My reflections after the death of a friend's child from cancer.

In the Girls Musical yesterday there was one line, which Annie said whilst, she was raging after the death of her husband John.

It resonated with me because it was almost exactly the same first line of a blog I wrote the day after the funeral of a 13 year old girl who died from cancer.


There are people with children and no love yet there are people with love and no children

Since when do we have to worry about our children dying?

As parents we worry about developments,




potty training,

the right school,

learning to read,

the right friends,

the right foods to eat and 5 a day

…not dying.

There are people who neglect their children yet there are parents who would give anything to hold their child just once more

We were people, we were parents, we became cancer parents, we became cancer survivors. We were one of the lucky ones. Every sibling row, argument, bicker and squabble makes us grateful for the fact we still have two children not one. 

There are people with children and no love

There are people with love and no children

There are people with love who had children but they died. 


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