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A Relatively Quiet Day

Rebecca J
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12 Jul 2014


Dad and I are having a lazy day today because this morning began with me rolling around in pain, feeling like my stomach was on fire. We couldn’t work out why and took some oral morphine in the hope that it would ease my shoulder pains, until Holly came in to attach an ECG machine to me and oh! There we go, sick time! Holly was lovely and held my hair out of the way, I felt bad that she had to witness it but she was fine and helped get a doctor to speak to me and discuss what to do about the anti-sickness drugs I am on (because they clearly are not working!).
So then I had my ECG, felt a bit like a Frankenstein or Doctor Octopus with all the stickers and wires hooked up to me.

Still waiting for the missed lumbar puncture, am getting a bit tired of all the miscommunication, waiting around and most of all the peripheral blood tests… leave my poor bruised arms alone please!

We are moving on with the chemo, some nasty drugs which make me feel ill but are all for the greater good so you have to grin and bear it. I’m not due any drips until Thursday so I get a couple of days off at the moment which is nice.

That’s all there is to report really, I told you that Ed has been sent home on his maintenance so we don’t get to have a chat with him each day any more but his girlfriend Emily came to see me last night which was really sweet. It’s always good to talk to them as they know exactly what we’re going through and how we feel.


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