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Research Roundup

Eleanor Baggley
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Eleanor Baggley
23 Jun 2014

Research Roundup is here to highlight the various research projects that are being worked on in hospitals and labs across the UK, and the benefits this is bringing to patients.  We have some examples below of new research we’re funding and ways we’re working to increase public awareness and access to clinical trials.

However we want to hear from you - if you would like to highlight a particular research project you’re working on, or discuss how new research is impacting your nursing care, do let us know and we’d love to feature this in future newsletters.

Our Trials Acceleration Programme

Over the last few weeks two new trials have been added to our Trials Acceleration Programme portfolio and opened for recruitment: CLARITY for CLL and BUBBLE for myeloma. 

Bloodwise's early phase Trials Acceleration Programme (TAP) has progressed from a pilot to a full programme and been funded for a further 5 years until 2020. TAP aims to boost the number and speed of early stage clinical trials, testing promising new treatments and diagnostics. These types of trials usually focus on testing how safe a treatment is, what side effects might occur, what the best dose and schedule is, whether there are signs it can work against the disease and which patients might benefit most. It's a crucial link between the discoveries made in the lab and the new treatments patients receive. 

To find out more about CLARITY and BUBBLE and think about what this might mean for you and your patients, read our blog.

Your Treatment Choices

We are working closely with an organisation called Tomorrow’s Medicine. They have developed a website known as Your Treatment Choices, which aims to increase awareness of clinical trials and the ease as to which they are accessed in their Fast Access Trial (FAT) programme. The site works by asking patients to complete a short survey where they can self-screen whether they are eligible for a certain trial. If successful, the patient will be transferred directly to a Clinical Nurse Specialist who will complete the assessment and accelerate a referral if appropriate. 

The website is promoted through Bloodwise social media, which on average is seen by 80, 000 people every week. This greatly increases awareness of these trials and most importantly widens the net of patients who might be eligible to participate. Go onto the Your Treatment Choices website here for more information.


You may have seen that UKONS have put together a new Members Interest Group for Research, which met for the first time at the end of June – this is fantastic news and we really hope blood cancer is well represented amongst this group.

Is this update interesting? We want to make sure that the information we’re sharing with you is as relevant and as useful as possible, so do let us know if you have any comments or if there’s anything else you’d rather see in our Reseach Roundup. Email support@bloodwise.org.uk with any comments.

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