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Ride 1

Kirsty J
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30 Jun 2014

All the gear, no idea.

So, a month after purchasing my bike, I've finally got on the damn thing. After falling over 3 times (twice indoors, luckily onto the soft landing of the bed) and once in the park, whilst practicing clipping in and out of the pedals, it was time to hit the road - which was, thank God, an awful lot easier than initially thought. 

I only went round the block through New Haw and Woodham, but it's a start. I was planning on going out again tonight but it's raining, and apparently it's dangerous on wet roads so will have to give it a miss. Gutted.



Well done on getting out on your bike and perservering with the cages - it's better than I did as I was having so many problems that I got them removed and reverted to normal pedals. Also a cycling novice so I'll read your updates with real interest.

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