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Graham James
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10 Jul 2014

You only give twice

I'm hopeful that Sharon and Joanne who had their money taken twice will now get their duplicate payments refunded by the Charity. Let me know if you encounter any such problems.

Thank you so much to my latest sponsors, namely my son Phil, his wife Julie, my grandson Ethan (the handsome boy on my fundraising page), Steve and Raione, my son-in-law Anthony, and Simone and Jas from work. You have all been so kind and generous and I feel privileged to have the backing of so many special people. What an incentive you have given me to complete this ride while supporting a great and worthy cause.

My cousin David is visiting from South Africa at the moment and he will be in Birmingham this weekend. Dave was always a keen cyclist (a proper one who would do 100 miles and more without batting an eyelid) but he was seriously injured in a cycling accident a few years ago in South Africa, which has seriously affected his life. He's in his seventies now but is back on a bike again and would undoubtedly still leave me standing. I think I'll keep quiet about my little jolly to the Cotswolds as he might wonder what all the fuss is about but best wishes Dave, it will be great to see you again.

Thanks and take care,




Hi Graham,

Thanks for the update.

Sorry to hear about the problems with donations. Have Sharon and Joanne been refunded yet? Let me know if this hasn't been resolved yet and I'll make sure that this gets resolved for you today.

Have a great weekend with your cousin - make sure you guys ride safe and good luck with the rest of your training.


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