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Graham James
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06 Sep 2014

It's good news week Captain America

As I reach the pinnacle of human achievement in drug-free fitness, I'm now supremely confident that I will be able to reach as far as the city outskirts before I fall off my bike in a state of extreme exhaustive collapse.  My sponsors will be proud of me I'm sure and in no doubt that they have backed a winner.  Talking of sponsors I have to say the best thing about all this since that fateful day I confused ordering the new Captain America film with an e-mail from some charity about a bike ride is the wonderful support and inspiration I've received from my sponsors.  I have been consistently and continually amazed by everyone's generosity and it has continued into this past week with Jayne Powell, Jackie and Graham Jones, and Richard Corfield.  You are all fabulous and I thank you all very much.

Following her second operation for beast cancer a few weeks ago, Chris was told this week at the hospital that everything looks good from the surgical point of view and it's now on with the other treatments.  So her chemotherapy will start in the next month and that will be every 3 weeks for the next 6 months followed by a course of radiotherapy.  She's done it all before and knows how harsh and difficult it is but this was the news she (we all) wanted to hear.  A good news week at last.

Wonder where Captain America is.

Thanks again everyone and take care.
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