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Start fundraising

Bekah M
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12 Nov 2012

The best ways to fundraise

We know that the people who raise money online raise more, and it's so easy to get started! JustGiving makes it really easy for your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you. It's free, and only takes 60 seconds to get up and running. And in case you know people who would prefer to fill in a form the old-fashioned way, you can download one here.

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Tell everyone you know

Facebook and Twitter are some of the best ways to let everyone know what you're doing and get them to sponsor you. Just post your link on your profile or tweet it and ask everyone to help beat blood cancer! 

We think keeping a blog is a brilliant way of keeping everyone up to date with what you're doing and sharing photos. You'll encourage people to donate more money if they can see how much time and effort you're dedicating to your challenge! 

Even if you're not familiar with blogs, we recommend you try out Tumblr. 

Download a guide on using Tumblr to fundraise »

Tell your local media

Gaining media coverage for your event can really help boost your fundraising and help raise awareness about the vital work Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research does – and the good news is it couldn’t be easier!

Download our step-by-step guide »


Find a corporate sponsor

Corporate sponsorship can provide a vital source of funding, especially if you're taking on a huge challenge. Our corporate partners are already really busy helping us beat blood cancer, so please don't contact them, but you can help us get more support by contacting your local businesses or your own workplace.

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