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Luis G
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06 Aug 2014

Great training companion and motivator :)

I have cycled occasionally in the past, like somewhere in between 1 to 20 times a year ever since I got my first UK bike through the Cycle Scheme in 2009.  I never had a specific goal to achieve but now that I have signed up the 100 mile route of the Birmingham Bikeathon scheduled for September 21, I really need to have a plan so I can at the very least finish the ride irrespective of the time it takes.

So my training journey started on April 26 with a morning ride and I then started building up the number of miles ridden each week.  My constant training companion is the Strava application on my phone, it has diligently kept track of my rides and it has also helped tremendously with the planning of the routes.

If you are interested in tracking my training progress, you can access my Strava account through  You can see where I am progressing and can tell when I am slacking.  I have integrated commuting to work by bike as part of my training along with long weekend rides.  The longest one so far has been 63 miles and that has given me some false sense of security as I have slacked off.  I have resumed cycling today after not cycling for over 9 days. 

The short term motivation for August is to cycle over 780 miles which roughly converts to 1,250 kilometers.  This is the milestone for the Strava Monthly Training Series (MTS).  Another challenge for August is the Gran Fondo 8 which requires cycling 130 kilometer (around 81 miles) in one ride.

So now you can see how much I depend on Strava to keep me motivated to train so I can do the Birmingham Bikeathon century (100 miles) ride.



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