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Struggling for breath with exercise

Barry Pinnington
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10 Jan 2015

Just a quick question on how to get the best advice with my shortage of breathe during exercise. I have seen a new GP today who is very nice but with all due respect I am not sure how clued up she is with CLL and its properties.

Has anyone else had problems with breathing and shortness of breath with exercise etc? Is a normal blood test going to show a possible virus or Anaemia for example? Any ideas would be welcome.





Hi Barry,

Sorry to hear about your shortness of breath whilst exercising. Ultimately this could be as a result of any number of reasons and the best thing to do is exactly what you've already done by getting in touch with your local GP.

However given your circumstances with the CLL it would certainly be wise to get in touch with your consultant if you haven't already as they will be best placed to identify, what, if anything, is the cause of your breathlessness and how to deal with it.

Do stay in touch and all the best,



Hi Barry
I'm currently dealing with AML so am not that familiar with CLL. My initial diagnosis came from finding myself breathlessness during light exercise. I was a keen sportsman and knew something wasn't right. My GP booked me for a blood test at the practice which identified severe anaemia. The lack of red blood cells meant insufficient oxygen was reaching my muscles, causing them to burn and my heart and lungs to over exert. I would have thought your consultant or GP should be able to advise on how your symptoms could be best managed. Best of luck.