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T-19 days

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12 Aug 2014

Countdown to London Bikeathon 100


With only 19 days to go we thought we'd give everyone a flavour of where we're at and how we're feeling. It's a real contrast of elation and intrepidation:

Firstly, last evening we hit our £1000 fundraising target thanks to the generosity of friends, family, colleagues and complete strangers via facebook & twitter. It's great to have hit our target before the Bikeathon but we won't be stopping there, we want to SMASH IT before the 100 smashes us! Luckily, many of us, with our families joining in, will be going to the Southend Bikeathon the following Sunday for a 'recovery ride'. For myself, James M, Dave, Paul and Lee, this is our chance to break the magic 100 mark and really test ourselves.

So where are we personally?

Trevor has just completed the Prudential RideLondon in the wake of Bertha. It was so wet out there that Trevor did wonder if he's signed up for a Triathlon by mistake. That's 3/5 of his big challenges conquered this year with the London & Birmingham Bikeathons still to come. He's ridden over 3000 miles so far this year and is a true, dedicated inspiration.

Lee has been having spoke trouble but fingers crossed that is finally sorted, thanks to our friends at Cycles UK. Having taken on a new job, Lee has been very busy as the family bread-winner and that has curbed some of his riding. However, his leg (the one that gave him gip on the way to Paris last year and then gave up completely during the summer hockey season) is now looking strong and the hills are no longer a worry (no more than they ever were).

James B has been seeking out climbs left, right and centre in an attempt to repair the muscles in his injured leg following a bad crash in March. Although still a little fragile, he seems stronger and is as determined as ever to crack the 100 for a second year. 

Keiran had a set back earlier in the summer that had him off the bike for a good few weeks but he's now back and looking strong too. He's still got a forfeit ride of 50 miles without padding to do though which he's hoping we've forgotten. That's what the kit manager gets for not wearing the kit!

Dave has broken his big hill duck on the Mighty North Hill, but this prompted a visit to Cycles UK for a service, some new parts and a new wider range on his gears to give him that extra bit on the Surrey Hills. He's working hard on his sponsorship and is becoming a bit of a celebrity at work thanks to his many posters.

James M has been struggling with injury too since London-Southend and has had to take it easy since. He's back on the bike now though and looking to be ready for the 100. Meanwhile he's busy arranging a fundraiser night at Nu Aysia in Southend to add to the growing total.

Paul has managed to find some time between work and cricket to get back on his bike and has learnt a lot in a short space of time about fuelling and hills. A relatively effortless first attempt at #TMNH perhaps led to overconfidence and it came back to bite him in the saddle. He's not to be deterred though and is relishing the challenge.

As for me, I'm on bike No2 for the moment as Bike No1 has been having issues. I've been getting some good miles and climbing done nonetheless but I'm off on holiday in a few days (as is Lee) for a well-deserved family rest. Dedicated as we are though, the bikes will be coming with us and we'll be out early every morning to stay in tip top shape for the end of the month.

As always, Angela is working tirelessly behind the scenes raising awareness and money through every means she can find and supporting Trevor and the rest of us with every turn of those wheels. 


We've got big plans for summer 2015, such has been the enjoyment, fullfillment and support we have felt over this, our first year as a team. We all believe wholeheartedly that we can and will beat blood cancer and until then, absolutely nothing will stop us. We look forward to keeping you all up to date with our progress on the Bikeathons and our #feelalive555 adventure. Watch this space!

And to all the other riders coming to London, the very best of luck, stay safe and if you see us, please say come say hi. 




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