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Tandem skydivers raise over £2,000.00 for Lutterworth & District Branch

Sophia A
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17 Jul 2014

A group of four amazing tandem skydivers completed a jump on the13th July 2014 on behalf of the Lutterworth & District Branch.  To date they have raised so far over £2,000.00 between them and money is still coming in.  Well done to:

Guinny Newton
Beth Chamberlain 
Davey Woodward
Chris Boulter

The Branch have a further eight more completing their jump on September 14th 2014.

If this has inspired you to organise your own event or get involved with the Lutterworth Branch to raise funds for them in anyway, please contact Lesley Caffrey for advice on 01455 556649.




Fantastic work as ever Lutterworth! Pleased the jumps have been a success with more to come! See you soon! 


Well done team Lutterworth!

I spoke to Davey at Impact Day about the event and he was excited but a bit nervous - doesn't look like he did it in the dress though. Maybe we should make him jump again?!

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