Team Black Hawk
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Team Black Hawk.. UNITE!

Team Black Hawk
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25 Apr 2015

Four untamed individuals unite, to create Team Black Hawk!
Fearless urban road warriors, on a mission to raise money for a good cause.. WE NEED YOU!

Who are Team Black Hawk?

  • LadyHawk: (aka: Yog / RedTiga) Gear: Giant Avail road bike.
  • MasterHawk: (aka: Linx) Gear: Giant road bike.
  • FearlessHawk: (aka Michael) Gear: Giant road bike.
  • DrHawk: (akaDrMad) Gear: custom road bike.

Last year, Yog, DrMad and Michael rode the Bikeathon and between us, we managed to raise an admirable amount.

This year we are back, with a new member of the team, Linx. Support us and donate money to help blood cancer research.

We are in training and will post up photos and possibly blogs and vids of our training, so you can see how hard we are working.

Thank you, LadyHawk x