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Thanks to all who donate blood

Brett G
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18 Nov 2014

The importance of blood and platelete transfusions for blood cancer patients

I was lucky enough today to be invited to talk to one of the teams who help carry out blood donations; the below is a short thank you to all who donate, and who make it all happen!

During my treatment I was fortunate to receive many units of blood and platelets. My father had been a donor for a few years, and my 3 brothers and sisters and wife recently started giving. I know many others do too, thank you to everyone who does, and if you are allowed to donate but have not then maybe think about it.

At his most recent donation session dad decided to thank people who were there. The reaction was fantastic; we often do not take enough time to say thanks to those who help us. As a follow on to this Dad and I were invited to describe our experiences to the Exeter blood team. These wonderful people are the ones who make it all happen for us, and it was something that we were both so pleased to help with today. It was fantastic to meet them all - and say thank you on behalf of all patients who benefit from this.

There is currently a shortage of platelet donors especially for those who are blood group A. The NHS Blood and Transplant service (NHSBT) are currently running a big awareness campaign. If you want to help, and are able to, you can register to become a platelet donor here:




Hi Brett,

As a blood cancer patient myself who has also benefitted from many a platelet transfusion I could't agree more! Without these people and my bone marrow donor I wouldn't still be here today and I think it's fantastic that you're doing what you're doing to help promote and raise awareness of the importance of giving blood. Keep up the good work and keep blogging - your blogs are great!