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The things you hear after a marathon...

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14 Apr 2014

This song started its life as a spoken checklist of remarks I have heard at Expos the day before marathons. Conversations are so predictable at these events you could probably get by with playing a recorded message to the people you meet. I blame the nervous tension and being in the company of too many runners at the same time.

A couple of tunes entered my head and Emilie worked out the key, chords and structure.  I fitted the comments to the tune, added a middle eight that I have since realised is frighteningly similar to a popular song (I won't say which one in case they sue me) and we cobbled together The Things You Hear.

I then set about getting shots to make a video for the song, starting by cajoling my wife Ruth into standing outside Thornsett Band room looking anxious.  On the day of the Greater Manchester Marathon I captured Martin Yelling and Tom Williams (and his better half Helen) from Marathon Talk and then when runners asked me for a photo I agreed a swap for a shot in the video. 

After the race I persuaded Brenn Jones and Gregg Lemos Stein from USA's cloud259 website to do some acting and the following night pestered groups at Stockport Harrier's Magnificent Woodbank Park Stadium to perform for camera. Add in to the mix double Olympian marathon runner Liz Yelling, a couple of mates from work, a quick nip into Sweatshop at Hyde and an approved grab from Alex Miller at and it was nearly complete.

George Lee then filmed the 'love story' featuring his mates Joe and Laura as well as bagging a cameo for himself.  The vocally talented half of 26POINT2 Emilie, didn't fancy lip synching for the video but her expressive eyes still make an appearance towards the end the video.

Watch, and if you enjoy it please consider making a donation to Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. You can donate via our Virgin Money Giving page here, or text BEAT20 £3 to 70070 and £3 will magically be donated to LLR. Thank you.

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