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Lauren Syms

Three simple ways to help us beat blood cancer!

Lauren Syms
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Lauren Syms
06 Aug 2015

Fundraising really is for everyone and it can be so simple to get involved, just by collecting and making use of your small change.

Take a look at our three top fundraising ideas and why not get involved with our Small Change BIG Impact initiative this coming September.

The 20p tube challenge!


Why not be a part of this very special event and take part in the 20p tube challenge! Throughout September we want you to not throw away your smartie tube but fill it with 20p pieces!

When it is full, why not send us a photo of your and your tube?

So be a ‘Smartie’ and fill a Smarties tube with 20p coins to help us collect that small change to make a BIG impact to the lives of blood cancer patients.

The 20p Lemon Game

Are you starting to see a trend here? This is a game ideal for pubs and cafes. Customers are challenged to balance a 20p on top of a lemon which is in a bowl of water. If successful, they receive a free coffee or pint. If unsuccessful, no matter, all fallen 20ps are brought back to Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. We need volunteers to help bring this idea to their local pubs and cafes.

Ask for one of your collection boxes

We have these lovely collection boxes up in our North office so why not pop me an email, request one for your home, office, class, or youth group and start collecting your small change.

Perhaps you want to set yourself a bigger challenge to give up something for the month, be it wine, chocolate or sweets to name a few. Collect what you would have spent in your donation box – you might be surprised how much is in their after one month.

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