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Tien's Bikeathon Day

Tien Ngo
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16 Aug 2015

Firstly what an amazing event, highly recommended for all riding abilities, and highly recommended to do it at least once!


Now about the race... I mean team ride :) Starting in the center of London, we knew that we were probably going to get slowed down by cars and traffic lights; however at the start I think we hit every red light possible for the first few miles.

Debbie is a ultra-calm person and I never imagined she could get frustrated, but I must say it was very amusing watching her get mad at the constant stopping and starting :D haha

The start was actually very slow though… I knew we would have to eventually stop for traffic, so I decided to up the acceleration and not worry about pace as I knew I could catch my breath when I hit a red light. With this new approach I overtook quite a few groups and the weaving in and out of cyclists was one of the highlights of the Bikeathon for me. 


We reached the refreshments area with 20 miles to go, I stopped because needed the toilet, Jamie needed water and Debbie decided to continue riding.

So I looked after the bikes whilst Jamie was getting water and then we swapped whilst I went to the loo. When I came back to the bikes Jamie says “Some bad news… blah blah blah… your tyre is flat…”

So I leave the bikes with 2 perfectly working tyres that have been ridden on for the last 30miles; I came back and my front tyre (which was pointing in the air not touching anything) has a puncture… It had to happen to me…

Regardless of the freak accident (or sabotage!!!) I had to stay behind to repair, so Jamie continues on the ride (funnily enough when he left there were no more exploding tyres!).


Reflecting on the day, it was such a positive and friendly environment with lots of laughs with everyone around us. Riding past the sites of our capital really made the ride visually stunning and enjoyable.

Debbie (the crazy girl) managed to ride without a break and I still do not know how she managed to climb the huge hill in Richmond Park without stopping!

Jamie on managing to burst tyres without touching it… Only kidding :) Jamie actually put in an incredible time for riding a mountain bike. A really great job.

I can honestly say I am really proud of the team and what they managed to achieved today. It was a pleasure :)


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has donated as we surpassed all expectations.
Bring on next year ;)



Well done to you all. It sounds like it was an amazing experience - I still can't actually believe that Jamie has done this ( May need photographic evidence! ) but I am very proud of him. A great achievement guys xxx


Jamie did very well on the day and we all can be proud of him.

He helped raise alot of money for this great charity! 

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