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This time last year....

Helen C
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18 Jan 2015

....we were celebrating my dad's birthday in hospital. So it seems a particularly fitting day - one year on - to remind people that I'm doing my bit to help beat blood cancers by undertaking the 50km Grand Union Challenge later this year and to invite you to make a donation via my dedicated fundraising page.....and to  thank  again everyone who has  already shown their support :-)



What a difference a year makes Helen! I hope you're well and wish you all the best with the fundraising. Have you got out for many training walks yet? Keep up the good work - together we will beat blood cancer. 


Thanks Andy

Just keeping going with my once or twice weekly 5-6 miles at the moment and plan to start in earnest next month.. I am fortunate in that I have a training buddy (who will be walking a different challenge to help beat breast cancer) which makes things easier - especially on long, cold, dark mornings like today. We were pushed for time today so only did 3.25 miles but set quite a good pace - and were delighted, when we got back to our cars, to see that our local council have installed some outdoor gym equipment so we will be able to cross train outdoors for free :-)


And came back to find another donation in 'my' pot - great start to the day :-)