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Time's marching on!

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20 Jul 2014

Oh dear, not much training the last few weeks... a slight knee injury (probably over-training) and with the weather last week itr was just impossible, especially after a day's work and an hour on the tube!

Went out for 30 minutes before work a couple of days but time is an issue there.


Still, did 2 hours or - according to my cheapo bike computer-  a gnat's under 20 miles yesterday and could still walk afterwards so there's hope for me.



I've been in the same boat Sam and am worried about my training efforts to be honest although I haven't had an injury to blame it on - just the heat and a very busy social calendar recently.

Fortunately, we do still have a bit of time and I intend to get out a couple of times this week for a decent ride. I hope your knee stood the test after the recent ride and that you're not too sore today. Keep going and make sure you don't overdo it - you want to have something left in the tank for the Bikeathon itself!

Good luck with the fundraising too - have you reached £100 yet?

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