Tour 94

26 Jul 2015

A group of friends from South Wales are visiting ALL 92 English Football League plus Wembley & Millennium Stadiums in a space of a week raising money Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research and Cancer Research UK.

A wet and windy summer afternoon on the Fylde isn't the most welcoming introduction to the coasts local football stadiums but it didn't dampen the spirits of the boys from Neath. 

I met them in the closing stages of Day 2 of a week long journey around all the Football League grounds along with Wembley and the Millenium Stadium.

Having started at Swansea on Day 1 they had made their way through Wales, the Midlands to the North West and spent Day 2 visting the numerous teams in the region. 

In the main most clubs have been extremely hospitable, some allowing them to go into the grounds for photos.

We had a a quick chat, a few photos along with their tour mascot (Borrowed from their snooker team!) then it was back on the road for them to head up to Morecambe then Carlisle to a well earned rest and stop over.

You can read their story and show your  support by sponsoring the team here:

You can follow their progress on their facebook page:

& check where they will be for the next 6 days here:

Good luck for the rest of your journey!


Catriona Taylor

Great blog Steve, the team are doing so well and I'm sure really appreciated your visit!

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