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Rebecca A
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15 Oct 2014

Although I've been walking every week and keeping up fitness with various gym classes I knew I needed to up my game to longer walks and across consecutive days. That's why this weekend just gone saw two full days of walking.
I got a train to Eastbourne and six hilly hours walking later arrived in Alfriston where I stayed overnight. On Sunday despite the rain, and wind and aches from the previous day I walked seven hours back to Brighton. It was hard work and the weather conditions will be different to those in the Sahara but I'm beginning to get a feel for longer walks. With five months left until the trek I feel I've enough time to increase my walking fitness (fingers crossed!) to a sufficient level.



Hi Rebecca,

Thanks so much for the update!

Great to hear that the walk went well at the weekend. As you say you've still got plenty of time to get your walking fitness up but it must be nice to have got it under way in earnest with a solid two days walking - especially with all the wind and rain.

It'll be different in the Sahara that's for sure!

Thanks again for everything you're doing and good luck with your Halloween event.

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