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Training begins

Mark Colebatch
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25 Mar 2015

Bad knee's !


So this could be the worse start to a training routine ever,

my training partner and the insperation for this fund raiser (and the london bikeathon a couple of years ago) decided to pop of skiing and has sprained his knees!

two weeks rest time for fund raising.




Knee injuries are always a risk when you go skiing and I'm glad for your training partner that it's just a sprain and not something far worse as was the case the last time I went skiing!

A couple of weeks off is sensible and as you say it'll provide an opportunity to crack on with the fundraising! What distance are your riding this year?


we have decided to go for the 52 as a friend did this last year and commented on the beautiful scenery, that means there are a few hill involved!
Are you taking on the challenge of the big one?


what a contrast in weather popped out after work on friday in beautiful sunshine 25 miles with minimal effort,out this morning in the wind it was like riding into a brick wall 20 mile seemed more like 60! but still it nice to have light nights back.