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Training in Devon

Bill F
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27 Apr 2014

Hi everyone

So my training plan took me to Devon this week !

Actually, it was a holiday booked for Easter with the family.  So I took my training kit and having no room for my bike I thought I would concentrate on swimming and running.

Those of you who have been to Devon know that there is not a single piece of flat earth to be seen.  So my running routes consisted of lots of hills.  Hard work every day, but the scenery was better than usual.  If you have not run on the South West coastal path I would definitely recommend it.  I ran beach to beach, up hills, down steps, over stiles.  It was great fun - the fun bit starts when you have finished, because during the run you are in a lot of pain.

Having the family with me meant that my opportunities to go swimming alone and get some decent practice were non existent, so we all trundled off to the local pool.  The following 'training'' session consisted of couple of lengths dodging fellow tourists, which is probably good practice for the Triathlon.  So I gave up on that, and concentrated on strength training in the pool - which is swimming with three boys hanging on to various parts of my body. 

And then the wave machine came on.

So my thoughts are now on my Triathlon schedule for 2015.  Surely I could do one which includes a sea swim and a fell run ?  

Thanks to all who have sponsored me to date, and to those who are about to, it is easy, what are you waiting for?

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