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Training Ride - 30 miles

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02 Jul 2015

Harrow - St Albans - Harrow

Pumped for our second long training ride, we looked at the map for the next destination that would push ourselves from the last ride and closer to the length of the actual ride itself....

This is when we realised how close Greater London is.... and there was no way you can ride like that in Sydney and be able to cross one side of Sydney to another within that distance!

Deciding that we'd head outside of London this time, we planned to visit one of our favourite places.... St Albans...  Have always driven there/caught the train.... so to get there on a bike would be a good stretch.

All geared up, we started to head off .... it was a lot warmer than the last ride and it was actually SUNNY!!! *yay... proper sun glasses instead of the clear riding glasses to keep the dust and bugs off my eyes*

Within the first 3 miles, we endured some tough tough hills.....  guess it comes with the territory if you live near Harrow on the 'Hill'......   Trying to spare the lower gears as much as we can and mentally enduring the ride all the way up without the temptation of getting off and just walking the elevation....

The ride was lovely... the roads were not crazily busy and the motorists were friendly and gave us lots of room...  we went through gorgeous back streets with massive houses and villages and parks.

What we weren't prepared for was the amount of pollen in the air.... so while trying to breathe...  I swear we swallowed enough pollen to cultivate next year's bloom.... Eyes swollen and scratchy throats..... we made it to St Albans (and luckily avoided that nasty massive hill in St Albans).

St Albans markets were on that day, and it was great to have the live music, kids activities, and food stalls to chill out with while we take a small lunch break before the ride home.

Had a feeling that my bike was not feeling quite right, I took the opportunity to investigate why I wasn't rolling down the hills as freely as I thought i should be.  Karl picked my bike up and spun the front wheel, and after 3 rounds, it came to a complete stop!!!  It appeared that my front brakes have jammed up and I had big resistance on all the way to St Albans....

Without the appropriate tools to loosen the brakes (What?! - I KNOW!!).... I had to mentally overcome that I was riding back with unnecessary resistance on my tires.... and that I had to work even going DOWNHILL!!!!

As always, the trip home always seem faster than the trip from home... so we got there eventually, keeping to our 1 hour per 10/11miles rate.

Great ride indeed... despite the resistance and legs were fine the next day so am keen to push harder for the next ride!!!!

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