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A trip to remember

Lucas S
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08 Oct 2012

Hi, Lucas here!

Me and my family have had an amazing time at Disneyland Paris. Thank you so much to Tony and Maggie Rizzo, who organise the Alternative Hair Show and fund the Disney trip for families with children with leukaemia. There was so much to do, I loved going on all the rides but my favourite was Crushers Coaster. Me and my sister Ellie thought it was great! We went to a Wild West-show and wore cowboy hats - it was brilliant.

On the last day we went to the Disney Hotel and had tea. All the Disney characters came and everyone had a brilliant time. We had a group picture, we met some lovely families, and I got talking with some of the other kids. I felt so lucky to have been invited to go and it’s something I will always remember. We have now come home with lots of photos and brilliant memories.

I have started at a new super school, it is really modern and they’ve put two schools together so it’s really big. I’m in my second year there but have got a whole new uniform as it's changed!
I’ve started going back full time and am coping fine at the moment. I was quite unwell last week though and had to have a few days off. I felt really sick from my treatment and had pains in my legs, but am feeling much better now.

I’m having my lumbar puncture this week which I have to have every three months. I was at hospital last week where we all made these beads of courage, which are from Be Child Cancer Aware. Each bead represents different treatments and things we have had to have done. All the kids at the clinic have done them – they’re such a good idea!

Bye for now.



We were so lucky to have been asked too and as a family had an amazing time and didn't want to leave .

We agree with you Lucas we met lots of lovely families. Maybe one day in the future we can all meet up. Luca and Lara would love that.

Thank you Tony and Maggi for an unforgettable time. And to Leukaemia Research for inviting us and all your hard work.

Francesca, Davide, Lara and Luca.

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