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Turning on the Winterton Christmas Lights

Danny Redhead
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30 Nov 2014

A great way to start the Winterton Christmas Celebrations

The Winterton Christmas Light Switch On is always a fantastic community event. As part of our commitment to be an integral part of the community we team up with Winterton Town Council and the Winterton and District Lions to host the event each year, with this being the third year. Before there was never an event that saw the lights turned on in Winterton, it would just be a case of noticing that it was that time of the year again when spotting them for the first time.

Like anything like this it is a learning curve and a process of building the event up. When we set this project up in 2012 we knew we wanted to make it a family occasion and have a real community vibe to the event, and that is a theme that we have continued to maintain. With a crowd of around 100 people in year one raising £43.01 it was very rewarding to see how the event had grown in comparrison this year.

The event saw live music from Raw Kadence, a visit from Santa in his Buggy with the Winterton, Lions, as well as sweets and lucky dip. Joining the Mayor of Winterton to turn on the Christmas Lights was our special guest Stuart the Minion along with the winner of our Light Switch On raffle Alfie aged 7.

We were thrilled with the turnout estimated to be around 400 people showing how the event has hugely grown raising an incredible £207.90 whilst bringing lots of Christmas cheer to Winterton! We are incredibly grateful to Tesco Express Winterton who sponsored this year’s Christmas Light Switch On which helped us to fund Stuart the Minion and allowed us to have the Light Switch On button produced that we can use in future year.

As well as this Winterton and District Lions President Don Johnson announced that he had selected us as one of his charities for the year and presented myself and our branch secretary Hannah with a very generous cheque for £1,000. A great surprise for the team and audience which added that final bit of Christmas magic to the event!

Following the Mascot Hire Company having issues with the courier company and us facing the risk that Stuart the Minion would not be able to make it I would like to give special thanks to Chris Hutson who travelled all the way to Essex to collect the mascot - that's a 400 mile round trip - as he didn't want the kids to be disappointed and wanted the event to be successful. I cannot express my thanks greatly enough to Chris for his continued support and willingness to go above and beyond to support us!



AMAZING Danny! What you're doing for the community as well as the charity is absolutely fantastic and having the opportunity to turn on the Christmas lights caps off a briliant year for you and the Winterton team. Congratulations and Merry Christmas!


Thanks Andy!
I don't know if you're aware of our Facebook page but you can keep up to date with all our work here: www.facebook.com/wintertonanddistrictbranch

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