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Ellie Dawes

Unstoppable fundraisers of the month: October - Ben Summerhill and the Wickes JOGLE team

Ellie Dawes
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Ellie Dawes
15 Nov 2012

Our October recipients are a group of fundraisers from our corporate partner Wickes.

Ben Summerhill is the Store Manager at Wickes Ashton Gate and he cycled from John O’Groats to Lands End for us. He undertook the amazing challenge with four other colleagues from Wickes (Dave Vernon, James Lyon, Shane Glass and Chris Walker) who together were aiming to raise £10,000. We’re very pleased to announce that they smashed that target by a further £3000! You can see their fundraising page by clicking here and also their fundraising blog page here.

The 5 members of the team tell us why they decided to take part:

Ben Summerhill
“I'm a dad with 4 kids that I love to bits. The only reason I get up in the morning is so I can provide a safe and happy life for them. If I ever get "that call", I'm going to need someone to hold me up, I'm going to need someone to fix my kids, I'm going need someone to tell me it's all ok. That’s why I'm doing this - because right now, they can’t.”

James Lyon
“I lost a good friend to Leukaemia in the final year of secondary school and it was a horrible experience. One minute this healthy 15 year old lad is playing rugby and the next minute his chair is empty in the classroom. Seeing what effect this had on his family & friends I am keen to never experience this disease so close to home ever again and anything I can do to raise awareness & funds to support this magnificent charity is a pleasure and never a chore. The human body is capable of great things including positive treatment & recovery from this illness so surely John O Groats to Lands End will be a walk in the park”

Chris Walker
“When I first heard about the John’ O Groats to Lands End challenge, I jumped at the chance. The excitement didn’t just come from the chance to challenge myself but also to be given the opportunity to help raise as much money as possible to help those with Leukaemia. My heart goes out to anyone who has to suffer with this illness, I can only imagine how brave and strong the individuals are and how determined they must be. I will use their strength and determination as the driving force throughout this challenge.

Dave Vernon
“I class myself as one of the lucky ones when it comes to giving a reason for doing this challenge to support LLR - I haven't been personally touched by this terrible blood disease. I do however have 2 beautiful children and I am always so touched when I see the amazing work our charity does for so many kids that have survived due to the support of LLR. So it’s simple really, if our challenge raises enough money to change even one life then it is enough for me to give it my all for 10 days of my life and make a difference.

Shane Glass
“As a very proud dad I worry about my children's safety and well being every single day of my life, to be sat in a room and told my daughter has Leukaemia would break me as a man, I can only imagine what individuals and their families go through during these times, compared to their pain and suffering what we are doing is a walk in the park. I am only too proud that I am getting this opportunity to be making a difference. You are not alone in the fight to beat blood cancer”


All this fundraising is just one example of all the fundraising which comes from our corporate partner Wickes who have to date raised over £2.5million for us.