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An update and final blog

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06 Oct 2014

I thought I would update you on my recent bike ride and Triathlon

The bike ride was the 100 mile Birmingham Bikeathon.  In its inaugural year, myself, Andy, Dave and Paul gathered on the start line at 8am in Centenary Square in Birmingham.  There were many others waiting to start and it appeared well organised.

The course itself was fantastic.  Very well thought out.  Challenging but at the same time riding through beautiful countryside with friends and many other similar minded cyclists made for a great day.  It is something I would recommend to you all.

At the finish line I was met by my family, including my mom who was experiencing her first visit to the city.  All dressed in commemorative tee shirts for my dad, it was a great way to finish, relax and remember the reason why I set myself the challenge in the first place.

Good old dad, he is never far from my thoughts.  He popped up several times during my ride telling me to stop feeling sorry for myself and get on with it !!  He definitely helped me.  I also know he helped my mate Andy too.  At a difficult moment for Andy in the latter part of the ride, Paul was heard to say to Andy ' We are doing this for Bills dad, so sort yourself out and stop feeling sorry for yourself'.   This worked a treat !

Thank you again to Andy, Paul and Dave.  Riding with three great mates was worth all the pain and suffering!

In the week that followed, I had my 50 th birthday and completed my fourth and final Triathlon.

I had a great birthday.  Thanks to all for cards, presents and general abuse about getting old.

My Triathlon went really well.  It was held in Stratford upon Avon on the same course that I completed in May.

I took over five minutes off my earlier time.  Really chuffed about that considering I am 1 year older !

So, as I sit here today, at the end of my summer of challenges, I look at the monies I have raised for charity and I must thank you all for being so generous.  I know we are all bombarded at times with requests for donations for worthy causes, so I am genuinely over the moon that so many people have been able to donate to this cause.  It was always a great motivational factor for me when facing training and more training !

During all of the summer I have met some great people doing similar challenges.  It has helped me challenge myself and at the same time reflect on life in general.  It may be short, it may belong, whichever it is you need to have friends and learn to enjoy it!

Finally, it has me now thinking of next years challenges.  I will decide over the next couple of weeks what my 2015 schedule looks like.  There will be some cycling, some Triathlon and probably some other type of sporting madness to commit to.

Looking forward to it !