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Update on previous blog,

Daniel H
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21 Aug 2016

update on my 1st blog,

Hello all and sorry its taken me so long to write an update,

So now where are we at......                                                                                                                                   Ive just had my 30th birthday which was a lovely day and very spoilt, Its now nearly the end of august and the kids are getting ready to return to school after the summer holidays ( the weather in west wales hasnt been very summery though ),

Since my last blog my health has had some ups and of course some downs, im still stuck on these blinking crutches everytime i need to move and use my mobility scooter regulary to get out and about with the family, ( ive even splashed out and brought myself a new more reliable one) never thourght this would be my mode of transport 4 years ago when i was running around with my children but these things happen and we need to carry on as best we can, to be honest my crutches are a big part of my life now and cannot be with out them at the moment.

Im still in a lot of pain in my bones and rely on my strong painkillers everyday to help ease the pain, im always in pain but its managable, since my last blog ive had a few more scans / xrays to check everything is still going in the right direction which i can confirm is all good. The funny thing is all the radiologist, doctors etc know me striaght away once they see my name, i as talking to the guy doing my ultrasound on my leg and he said i had a very unusual and complex case, my gp also mentioned this when i seen her last week, i just say seen once never forgotten thats me haha.

I suppose aged 26 with an agressive blood cancer spreading every 3 hours which had spread to several bones and leaving me in significant pain is quite an unusual case.....

Im currently under investigation to help with regular servere headaches which i believe are migraines, they are really painful and cause me to become very sick and need to spend a day and a half in bed where it is quiet and dark, ive been hospitilized twice in the last few years due to these headaches as they thourght i might of had viral meningitis which i had about 9 years ago. 

The problem is now is that any new pain, lump, bump is a worrying sign and had to have an ultrasound scan on my legs as i had some lumps come up but fortunatly there was nothing sinister there.

I do as much as i can to help newly diagaoned patients and regulary hold a table in my local hospital selling bloodwise merchndise and spreading blood cancer awareness. 

As ive said before if it wasnt for everyone involved and works at bloodwise today might be a different story for me and many of people.

Hope you all enjoyed my blog.


Eleanor Baggley

Thank you for sharing this, Daniel, and for all you do to help raise awareness and support newly diagnosed patients. I'm sorry to hear that you're still suffering from a lot of pain and discomfort, but it's positive to hear that everything is moving in the right direction. If there is ever anything we can do to support you and your family please do not hesitate to get in touch via our support line, 0808 2080 888, or by email, support@bloodwise.org.uk. All best wishes, Eleanor

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